April 12, 2019 – International Launch Services (ILS), a U.S.-based global commercial launch services provider, is inaugurating a new era in its 25-plus-year history, and in the life of the historic Proton M launch vehicle, company officials have declared. Cost savings have been achieved through benefits realized from quality improvement initiatives coupled with significantly lower production and launch site costs. These significant cost savings have been achieved through the teamwork of Glavkosmos, ILS, Khrunichev and its team of subcontractors, under the supervision of Roscosmos State Corporation. In its new incarnation, ILS will now operate under the auspices of Glavkosmos, a long-standing commercial subsidiary of Roscosmos State Corporation. Under the Glavkosmos umbrella, ILS will offer Proton in parallel with GK Launch Services, which provides the famed Soyuz-2 vehicle. ILS will broaden its commercial activities as the North American marketing unit for Glavkosmos to expand sales of equipment and services from leading enterprises of the Russian space industry.