April 26, 2024 – Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), an EchoStar company, today announced the opening of a new cutting-edge manufacturing facility and private 5G incubation center in Germantown, Maryland, underscoring the long-standing commitment of Hughes to technological advancement and fostering local talent in the region. The Hughes Manufacturing Facility (EXM) produces U.S.-made hardware that powers the networks on which people, enterprises, and governments everywhere depend, like the Hughes HT3000W JUPITER™ System satellite modem and the Hughes HL1120W Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite terminal. In addition to about 400 engineers, technicians and manufacturing staff, the Hughes EXM facility utilizes advanced robotics to assist in the manufacture of high-tech products such as satellite modems and terminals. The EXM facility will also serve as a testing ground for private 5G solutions just now reaching the market for Enterprise applications as well as secure 5G networking applications critical to the U.S. Department of Defense. Read more