February 15, 2022 – Hughes Network Systems, LLC announced the successful three-month pilot of a new Community LTE service at five villages in Brazil. Designed to serve people who live outside the reach of cable, fiber and cellular networks, Community LTE creates a mobile hotspot across several kilometers that connects to the internet by satellite. Anyone can access the broadband service with an LTE-enabled device simply by purchasing data at the local retailer who hosts the hotspot. Since launching the pilot program, hundreds of people have used the LTE service. At each site, Hughes integrates its JUPITER™ high-throughput satellite capacity and equipment with an LTE small cell and an opensource network core – effectively creating a private LTE network. With this edge configuration, subscriber traffic gets processed locally, rather than traversing the satellite backlink to the central network core – saving bandwidth and money for the operator when compared to traditional backhaul. Hughes recruited local retailers to host the Community LTE hotspots and provides marketing and training support so they can manage sales and earn revenue. Similar to the Hughes Community Wi-Fi Hotspot services that combine a Wi-Fi access point with satellite backhaul to power internet across 50-80 meters, Hughes Community LTE service serves a larger area of approximately five square kilometers.