December 19, 2023 – Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) today introduced new Hughesnet® high-speed satellite internet plans that allow customers to connect, stream and play wherever they live. The plans leverage capacity from the new Hughes JUPITER™ 3 satellite to offer faster speeds and unlimited data, as well as feature low-latency Hughesnet Fusion® and Whole Home Wi-Fi. Bringing unprecedented capacity for internet connectivity to the Americas, the Hughes JUPITER 3 is the world’s largest commercial communications satellite. This ultra-high-density satellite features more than 300 spot beams that alleviate congestion and deliver a faster experience. The state-of-the-art ground system for JUPITER 3 has a new dedicated fiber backbone to reduce latency and artificial intelligence (AI) that automatically reroutes traffic around congestion. The JUPITER-powered Hughesnet plans feature download speeds up to 100 Mbps. The Hughesnet Fusion plan allows customers to enjoy gaming and playing online like never before. Introduced to the market last year as the first consumer-ready multipath technology, Hughesnet Fusion seamlessly blends satellite and wireless technologies into a low-latency, more responsive internet experience – now with unlimited data and faster speeds. The Whole Home Wi-Fi lets users connect, stream and play anywhere in their home.