May 11, 2023 – Hispasat and Intelsat, the leading global provider of broadband connectivity products and services for aviation, have reached an agreement to expand and extend the agreement reached in 2019 to lease the capacity on Hispasat’s latest satellite, Amazonas Nexus. Specifically, this new partnership includes long-term leasing of the entire satellite capacity available over the United States and Brazil, as well as a significant part of the capacity of the Amazonas Nexus over the North Atlantic corridor. Thanks to this, Intelsat will offer inglight connectivity services in these areas with a high volume of air traffic, as well as corporate and cellular backhaul services. The Amazonas Nexus is a high throughput satellite, and the innovative architecture will serve to replace the Amazonas 2 in the 61º West orbital position. The new satellite, which was launched on February 6 from Cape Canaveral, will have a payload specifically dedicated to connectivity in mobility environments (planes and ships), in addition to other applications such as corporate communications and cellular backhaul rollouts. Furthermore, it will a launch a state-of-the-art Digital Transparent Processor, a technological innovation that will substantially increase the satellite’s flexibility and make it easier to adapt to the changes that may occur in demand.