March 10, 2020 – hiSky aims to be the world’s leading provider of satellite-connected IoT services, bringing its innovative integrated terminal and cloud-based processing technology to the rapidly expanding satellite-based M2M/IoT communications market. The solution to be offered in conjunction with ST Engineering iDirect will enable their mature network of service-provider partners to leverage their existing GEO satellite capacity to reduce costs and time-to-market associated with building and launching new IoT service through an innovative Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach. The hiSky solution utilizes a family of compact, lightweight IoT terminals that feature a tightly-integrated satellite modem and flat-panel antenna design in Ka-band or Ku-band variants. The initial IoT offering includes Low Data Rate (LDR) and Medium Data Rate (MDR) service for deployment within both fixed and mobile environments. Leveraging integrated flat-panel technology, the Smartellite™ family of terminals allows for transmitting and receiving IoT/M2M data through GEO satellites in both the Ka and Ku bands. The Smartellite™ terminals are designed from the outset to meet the extremely high speeds of LEO satellites, and to perform quick handover between GEO and LEO satellites, without losing connectivity, offering customers a future-proofed solution.