February 5, 2024 – hiSky Ltd. signed an investment and strategic collaboration agreement with Intelsat, marking a transformative development in the delivery of reliable, high-throughput satellite connectivity. Intelsat’s investment in hiSky underscores hiSky’s technological prowess and market potential and places Intelsat as shareholders in the Israel-based company, joining Singapore-based ST Engineering’s Corporate Venture Capital, UAE-based SDF (Strategic Development Fund) owned by EDGE Group PJSC, and other current hiSky shareholders. One of the key outcomes of this collaboration is the unveiling of a holistic solution to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) needs. Leveraging Intelsat’s extensive global coverage and hiSky’s advanced IoT technology, the companies are set to move forward with hiSky’s HUB virtualization on Intelsat’s platforms. The partnership between Intelsat and hiSky is poised to reshape the satellite communication landscape, offering innovative solutions that cater to diverse industries such as land mobility, maritime, enterprise and government. The investment from Intelsat will empower hiSky to accelerate the development of its groundbreaking technologies, ensuring a future where connectivity knows no bounds. Read more