February 22, 2024 – Satellite communications company Hanwha Phasor and Lufthansa Technik, one of the leading providers of technical aircraft services in the world, have partnered to deliver advanced in-flight connectivity for commercial flights. A recently signed multi-year agreement will see Lufthansa Technik design, build and supply several hundred fuselage-mounted airborne Satellite Communications (SatCom) radomes for Hanwha Phasor each year. The radomes play a crucial role in the aircraft integration as they act as outer shells to cover and protect the antenna atop the fuselage whilst being transparent to radio frequencies (RF) and having negligible impact on the aircraft’s aerodynamics. This will enable the product’s use on aircraft across the globe and ensure airlines can deliver high bandwidth connectivity for their customers, allowing the potential for video calls, movie streaming and other online communication in-flight. Already in the final design phase, first radome prototypes could be built as early as this coming summer, with series production set to commence in 2025. Read more