May 23, 2018 – Globecomm, one of the leading providers of maritime connectivity services, has installed a complete hybrid satellite-LTE communications solution for Thailand-based shipowner Tipco Maritime Company. In undertaking a review of its communications systems, Tipco identified a need to make better use of its onboard equipment, improve visibility of operations and achieve closer integration with office-based systems. Globecomm specified a solution that would enable Tipco to employ new techniques including remote management and virtualization of onboard PCs and deploy CCTV systems on its latest new building. Critical to acceptance was better management of the costs of ship-shore connections and improved performance of Tipco’s onboard networks. Globecomm provided Tipco with Nimbus, a powerful yet cost-effective network management tool that can be used to control multiple connections via satellite and LTE networks, while providing additional value-added functionality for both enterprise and crew applications.