February 24, 2022 – Globalstar, Inc. announced that the Company has entered into a satellite procurement agreement with Macdonald, Dettwiler and Associates Corporation (MDA) pursuant to which Globalstar will acquire 17 new satellites that will replenish and extend the life of Globalstar’s existing constellation. Globalstar is acquiring the satellites to provide continuous satellite services to the potential customer under the Terms Agreement described in the Company’s Annual Reports, as well as services to Globalstar’s current and future customers. Rocket Lab USA, Inc. is the principal satellite bus subcontractor under the Procurement Agreement. In addition, if it elects to obtain services from Globalstar under the Terms Agreement, the potential customer is obligated to make service payments and cost reimbursements to Globalstar in amounts that would be material to the Company. The total contract price for the initial 17 satellites is $327.0 million. Globalstar maintains the option to acquire up to nine additional satellites with flexibility in timing to place such order in addition to other optional services under the contract. If Globalstar elects to acquire new satellites, each satellite will be priced at $11.4 million, subject to certain price adjustments. The Procurement Agreement requires the Contractor to deliver the satellites by 2025, with an expectation that all satellites will be launched by the end of 2025. Globalstar plans to contract separately for launch services and launch insurance for the new satellites.