‘Global Satellite Coalition’ Launched by the Industry’s Leading Trade Associations

Satellite Spectrum Advocacy and Promotion of Industry
Value Proposition Affirmed as Coalition’s First Priorities

13 March 2018, WASHINGTON, D.C. – Six of the world’s leading satellite industry associations have established the “Global Satellite Coalition” (GSC), an international group through which targeted initiatives will be coordinated and implemented with the combined support of hundreds of member companies based in every world region.

The coalition will drive industry priorities with one voice, unlocking opportunities for industry growth and ensuring the future for millions of stakeholders who depend on satellite-based solutions. The GSC’s ultimate objective is to secure an ecosystem that allows every world citizen to be connected.

The founding partners of the GSC include the following organizations:

  • Abrasat (Brazil)
  • APSCC (Asia Pacific)
  • CASBAA (Asia Pacific)
  • EMEA Satellite Operators Association (Europe, Middle East, Africa, CIS)
  • Global VSAT Forum (World)
  • Satellite Industry Association (USA)

“Following the success of satellite industry collaboration for WRC15, the GSC presents a natural next step to further strengthen the satellite communications sector,” said David Hartshorn, GVF Secretary General.

Responding to the rapid pace of change in the digital world and huge demands for connectivity, the GSC will foster awareness and understanding of game-changing satellite industry innovations and their implications for spectrum and regulatory policymaking and market development.

The GSC’s priority is to advocate the role of satellite in achieving complete connectivity from contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Broadband Commission’s connectivity objectives to realizing the Network of Networks required for 5G. In addition, it will work on ensuring satellite services are an essential element of national broadband strategies, universal service programs and disaster preparedness efforts.

For more information, visit www.gscoalition.org.