May 6, 2021 – ABS, a global satellite operator announced today that Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE), the leading provider of high-speed connectivity and entertainment solutions for worldwide mobility markets, has renewed and expanded its multi-year, multi-transponder agreements for its growing demand for mobility connectivity capacity. Besides securing existing ABS capacity on ABS-6 C-band, ABS-3A C-band and ABS-2 Ku-band beams, GEE has also expanded its services on ABS-2. Combined, the ABS capacity provides GEE comprehensive coverage across continents and oceans, from the Americas, across to Western Europe, the Middle East, North East Asia and into the Pacific Ocean. The capacity will be optimized to provide reliable connectivity and seamless connections for mobile communications and entertainment for a wide variety of mobility customers and their end-users. The connectivity network supports the provision of services such as Wi-Fi, VoIP, multi-media live and on-demand video streaming, and greater bandwidth for crew applications.