January 16, 2023 – GapSat Development Group Limited has acquired QBX Limited, an Isle of Man based satellite solutions and consulting services company with a portfolio of satellite radio frequency spectrum and intellectual property. Satellite spectrum and associated geostationary orbit slots are a finite resource and increasingly regarded as key strategic assets for the telecom and data communications industry, in the same way as patents are for emerging high technology industries. And with wireless and mobile broadband playing an essential role in bringing high-speed, low-cost communications to the developing and developed world, the demand for mission-critical orbit spectrum resources is increasing and a so-called ‘race for space’ is emerging. The assets comprise a patent for radically new techniques to improve in-flight safety and communications for geostationary aero-mobility services and a suite of three ITU geostationary satellite slot filings using conveniently placed orbital locations to provide for full global coverage/service from the resulting geostationary constellation, using the Ka, Q/V and E/W bands for long-term spectrum future-proofing. With a strong background in developing existing in-orbit satellites for sale or lease and the addition of this new portfolio of radio frequency spectrum and intellectual property, GapSat is currently seeking potential partners that could be existing satellite fleet operators, aero systems integrators, aero instrumentation manufacturers or financial investors, to develop the assets for data services in the marine and aero mobility sectors.