August 7, 2023 – Eutelsat Communications announces that its subsidiary Eutelsat Asia PTE. LTD. has signed a partnership agreement with Space Tech Innovation Limited (STI), a subsidiary of Thaicom, a leading Asian satellite operator, related to a new software-defined satellite (SDS) to be positioned at the 119.5° East orbital slot over Asia. Under this partnership, Eutelsat will expand its service over the continent. Eutelsat is committed to lease and operate the service for half of the capacity on the new satellite during its lifetime. The state-of-the art geostationary SDS will be procured by STI and will be one of a new generation of satellites offering instant in-orbit adjustment and seamless reconfiguration, optimising the use of the in-orbit resources to the benefit of both the operator and the customer. It is due to be delivered in calendar 2027. Through this satellite, Eutelsat will expand its in-orbit assets by some 50 Gbps of incremental capacity over Asia to address surging demand for connectivity in the region. The SDS’s performance, combined with the high level of flexibility in terms of coverage, bandwidth allocation, and power levels, will assure an unparalleled quality of service to Eutelsat’s customers in the Asian region. It will be fully compatible with Eutelsat and OneWeb’s GEO / LEO multi-orbit approach.