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AsiaSat offers reliable satellite connectivity and media solutions to clients in the broadcast and telecom sectors through its fleet of seven satellites including AsiaSat 3S, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, focusing on enhancing the end-user experience with groundbreaking solutions. From traditional content distribution to headends, telcos, DTH, DTT platforms; Occasional Use (OU); to new IP-based, hybrid OTT service, cutting edge VSAT solutions serving aviation, maritime, mobile backhaul, AsiaSat helps bridge the digital divide, aiming to be the foremost satellite solutions provider and the instinctive and desired partner of choice in Asia Pacific. AsiaSat is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 1135).

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OneWeb’s is a global communications company with mission to enable affordable Internet access for everyone – connecting every school on Earth and bridging the digital divide by 2027. OneWeb is building a global communications network with a constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites that will provide low latency, high-speed broadband to billions of people around the world. With more than 8 terabits per second of new capacity, it will transparently extend the networks of mobile operators and ISPs to serve new coverage areas, bringing voice and data access to consumers, businesses, schools, healthcare institutions and other end users. In 2018, OneWeb will launch its first satellites, and our capacity, coupled with our low cost and easily deployed user terminals, OneWeb will offer ubiquitous connectivity across the globe.

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The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) is an intergovernmental organization with the mission to ensure that Intelsat Ltd. provides public telecommunications services on a global and non-discriminatory basis; ensure the performance of Core Principles for the provision of international public telecommunications services, with high reliability and quality; and promote international telecommunications services to meet the needs of the information and communication society. Headquartered in Washington D.C., ITSO has 150 member countries.

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SpeedCast is a leading satellite service provider operating in over 35 countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Based in Hong Kong and backed by Asia’s largest satellite operator, Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (AsiaSat), SpeedCast provides reliable and proven satellite solutions ranging from broadband Internet to managed bandwidth to a global maritime network. With 10 international points-of-presence and 10-teleport-operations, it boasts a unique infrastructure to serve corporate and carriers’ requirements.

Operating on many different satellites in both C-band and Ku-band, and partnering with Tier 1 carriers for its fiber requirements, SpeedCast Ltd and its 150 partners worldwide provide world-class services and 24/7 technical support.

SpeedCast has taken leadership positions in the provision of reliable and efficient network services to key industries like Maritime, Cellular, Banking and Oil & Gas. SpeedCast also pioneered the delivery of digital media content and turnkey video platforms to Service Providers and Media Broadcasters.

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The SingTel Group is Asia’s leading communications group, providing a diverse range of communication services and solutions, including fixed, mobile, data, Internet, info-communications technology, satellite and pay TV.

With more than 30 years of experience in fixed satellite services and over 20 years of experience in mobile satellite services, SingTel Satellite is a leading provider of customized satellite solutions for corporate customers in various industries, such as banking and finance, transportation and logistics, maritime, broadcast, government agencies and NGOs. SingTel launched ST-2, its second commercial satellite, in May 2011. ST-2 has a footprint of C-band and Ku-band coverage that will cover the Middle East, Central Asia, Indian sub-continent, South East Asia and the Mediterranean Sea, with built-in switching capabilities among different regions.

With the launch of ST-2, SingTel is ever more ready to support increasing customer demand for fixed and mobile satellite services.

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Sea Launch AG is a Bern, Switzerland based company which provides heavy-lift launch services based on the highly-proven and reliable Zenit-3SL launch system. The Sea Launch system offers the most direct and cost-effective route to geostationary orbit for commercial communications satellites with fewer staging events. The Sea Launch Zenit-3SL service is being offered under the leadership of RSC Energia of Moscow, Russian Federation – one of the world’s leading space integration companies and manufacturers of the Block-DM-SL upper stage used on Sea Launch.

Sea Launch engineers optimize the flight task profile to each customer’s spacecraft in order to optimize the on-orbit maneuvering lifetime. All spacecraft are processed in its secure U.S.-based payload processing facility located in Long Beach, California and launched in international waters from the ocean-based Odyssey launch platform directly on the equator at 154 West longitude. The Zenit-3SL/SLB has flown 34 missions, providing diversity of supply, affordability and flexibility for the industry’s satellite operators.

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Marsh established the first specialist space insurance broking company in 1977. The company has invested in resourcing a highly experienced multi-disciplined team of 40 employees. The experience, continuity and strength of the team is fundamental to our ability to deliver cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Our specialist space offices are located in London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore. The Space Projects representative office in Singapore acts as the focal point for all of our customers in the Asia-Pacific region. Its existence combined with the Marsh Asia-Pacific network of offices enhances the level of service we can provide to our customers in the region. We have a history of delivering competitive pricing, bespoke coverage and exemplary claims settlements. With an ability to provide a first-class service and identify/and solve problems, Marsh’s Space Projects team has built a substantial client base. Marsh is the broker of choice for majority of the leading satellite operators worldwide.

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Inmarsat is the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, with a portfolio of voice and broadband data services for users on land, at sea and in the air.

Inmarsat operates a constellation of 11 geostationary L-band satellites. The Inmarsat-4 satellites extend the capabilities of 3G technology to areas with unreliable, insecure or non-existent telecoms infrastructures. Inmarsat is the only operator with a fully-funded next-generation satellite network in place and offering an assured service to 2023 and beyond.

Users of Inmarsat services include governments, international aid agencies, and a wide range of commercial sectors.

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With outstanding creativity and dynamic driving force, Hyundai Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. is taking the leading position in the insurance industry in Korea. With dedication to customer satisfaction as our philosophy, Hyundai Marine is contributing to the development of a flourishing society and economic growth by providing the best risk solutions to every field in the Korean economy.

Most of all, space programs, which are the most important projects to make Korea a technological leader of the future, require insurers who can provide substantial reliance and financial risk solutions. Our work with the KT series, Kompsat series and SKT satellite shows that we have provided excellent service and proved that we can faithfully meet the expectations of our clients better than any other competitor. Hyundai Marine is committed to offer what’s best for our clients at any time.

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Gilat is a leading provider of products and services for satellite-based broadband communications. Gilat develops and markets a wide range of high-performance satellite ground segment equipment and VSATs, with an increasing focus on the consumer and Ka-band market. In addition, Gilat enables mobile SOTM (Satellite-on-the-Move) solutions providing low-profile antennas, next generation solid-state power amplifiers and modems. Gilat also provides managed network and satellite-based services for rural telephony and Internet access via its subsidiaries in the United States, Peru and Colombia.

With over 25 years of experience, and over a million products shipped to more than 85 countries, Gilat has provided enterprises, service providers and operators with efficient and reliable satellite-based connectivity solutions, including cellular backhaul, banking, retail, e-government and rural communication networks. Gilat also enables leading defense, public security and news organizations to implement advanced, on-the-move tactical communications on board their land, air and sea fleets using Gilat’s high-performance SOTM solutions.

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