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The Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) is Russia’s national satellite communications operator. Established in 1967, RSCC operates satellites that support global coverage, and its orbit/frequency assets make it one of the ten largest satellite operators in the world. RSCC is registered with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and is a full-fledged member of the Asian-Pacific Satellite Communications Council and the World Teleport Association. Today RSCC’s services are available in 35 countries.

RSCC owns Russia’s largest communications and broadcast satellite constellation, five teleports in both the European and Asian parts of the continent and its own optical fiber infrastructure. RSCC offers a full range of telecommunications services, including TV and radio broadcasting, data transmission, telephony, multimedia and others.

Among RSCC customers are the largest TV and radio companies and broadcast networks, telecommunications companies, mobile and fixed-line telephony, Internet and VSAT providers, government agencies and state-owned enterprises, transnational corporations, business entities and financial institutions.

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Since its foundation in 1884, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has sought to pioneer new approaches to manufacturing, and has built the foundations for the development of the entire industry. MHI manufactures 700 items in a very broad range of fields, including aerospace rockets, power-generation facilities, ships, industrial equipment, and home air conditioners. With energy and environmental issues becoming challenges shared by the entire planet, we are contributing to society through our operations.

As a manufacturing company that supports the sustainability of the Earth and its people, MHI is committed to sustainable growth and to taking on new challenges.

MHI has played an important role in the space development in Japan. from the beginning of the N-I rocket to the current launch vehicle, H-IIA and H-IIB. MHI began activities to provide launch services with the H-IIA for both commercial and government missions in 2007. We have successfully achieved the launch of first-ever foreign costumer satellite in 2012, and will continue to be strongly involved in commercial launch services and leading development in the space industry.

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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO) is a recognized world leader in the manufacture, marketing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment used in information processing and communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transportation and building equipment.

For the space business, MELCO has been a leading manufacturer contributing to space development in Japan, participating in more than 440 domestic and international satellites as prime contractor and major subcontractor.

In the commercial arena, MELCO has developed high reliable standardized platform named DS2000 and the total number of DS2000 has reached 10 spacecrafts by our recent win of the Turksat 4A and 4B for Turksat Satellite Communication and Cable TV Operation AS, which cover Turkey, as well as in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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Providing complete satellite and terrestrial ground segment solutions for satellites, signals and networks for more than 30 years.

Kratos is the leader in advanced solutions across the space ground segment with products and services that manage and optimize satellites, signals and networks. Kratos solutions are used by 80% of global satellite operators and support more than 90% of U.S. government space missions. As the space industry evolves, Kratos’ advanced technologies are addressing the needs on the ground resulting from HTS satellites, smallsat constellations and other new space architectures, as well as protecting communications in an increasingly competitive and contested space environment. Kratos is at the forefront of enabling the movement of ground systems to the cloud including digital IF as an on ramp to the cloud, virtualized transport solutions and multi-domain management.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Intelsat is the leading provider of fixed satellite services worldwide. For over 45 years, Intelsat has been delivering information and entertainment for many of the world’s leading media and network companies, multinational corporations, Internet Service Providers and governmental agencies. Intelsat’s satellite, teleport and fiber infrastructure is unmatched in the industry, setting the standard for transmissions of video, data and voice services. From the globalization of content and the proliferation of HD, to the expansion of cellular networks and broadband access, with Intelsat, advanced communications anywhere in the world are closer, by far.

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Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) is the world’s leading provider of satellite broadband for home and office, delivering innovative network technologies, managed services, and solutions for enterprises and governments globally. HughesNet® is the #1 high-speed satellite Internet service in the marketplace, with offerings to suit every budget. To date, Hughes has shipped more than 2.8 million systems to customers in over 100 countries, representing over 50 percent market share. Its products employ global standards approved by the TIA, ETSI, and ITU organizations, including IPoS/DVB-S2, RSM-A, and GMR-1.

Hughes owns and operates service businesses in the U.S., Europe, India, and Brazil, delivering continent-wide Hughes broadband satellite and terrestrial connectivity and an ever growing range of applications – such as high-speed Internet/Intranet access, distance learning, business TV, digital signage, and VoIP. Major enterprise customers include many of the Fortune 1000 companies in virtually every vertical sector. HughesNet consumer/SMB subscribers now number over 640,000, making Hughes the largest provider of high-speed satellite Internet access in the U.S.

Headquartered outside Washington, D.C., in Germantown, Maryland, USA, Hughes operates sales and support offices worldwide, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS), a premier global provider of satellite operations and digital TV solutions.

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Arianespace is the world’s commercial launch services leader, Arianespace has launched over 50 percent of the commercial satellites in service. Utilizing the Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega family of launchers, Arianespace delivers a wide range of satellites to their desired orbits.

Arianespace’s Soyuz and Ariane launch vehicles allow operators to choose from the most reliable family of launchers. The independent heritage of Ariane 5, Soyuz, and Alliance vehicles guarantees the best schedule assurance solutions for our customers. Any difficulties with one of these vehicles will not impact the launch schedule of any of the other vehicles.

A single launch contract with Arianespace allows to a multitude of launcher options. Arianespace provides launch solutions for satellites of all sizes.

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As one of the three divisions of the Airbus Group, Airbus Defence and Space is Europe’s No.1 defence and space company. Worldwide, it ranks second for space and is among the top ten defence companies, with revenues of approximately €14 billion per year.

Composed of four business lines – Military Aircraft, Space Systems, Communication, Intelligence & Security (CIS) and Electronics – Airbus Defence and Space brings together a wide portfolio to continue to meet the complex needs of its customers, contribute to nations’ defence and security, and secure Europe’s sovereign and independent access to space.

Airbus Defence and Space provides a total satellite communications system capability in-house, from spacecraft and payload design, manufacture, test, launch and operations, to the complete communications system infrastructure.

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ABS is one of the fastest growing premium satellite operators in the world. ABS serves a global customer base with representatives in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. ABS offers a complete range of end-to-end solutions, including direct-to-home, cable TV distribution cellular backhaul, VSAT, and Internet backbone services with diverse IP transit through its European and Asian Internet gateways. ABS hosts over 175 TV channels making it one of the fastest growing and top satellite distribution platforms and broadcasters of TV channels in the Asia Pacific.

ABS is rapidly expanding its satellite fleet and business worldwide through the recent acquisitions of ABS- 7 (formerly Koreasat 3), ABS-1A and ABS-5. ABS has also completed a strategic cooperation with Eutelsat for the ABS-1B/W75 satellite at 75°E. ABS is planning the launch of a new state-of-the-art high powered satellite, ABS-2, scheduled in 2013. ABS-2 will be located at the 75° East Longitude, ABS’ prime orbital location covering four-fifths of the world’s population across the Indian Ocean region.

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