SK Telecom
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SK Telecom is Korea’s leading mobile communications company with more than 25 million subscribers. SK Telecom has made a number of historical breakthroughs in the Korean telecommunications industry since it has been established on 29 March 1984. Our history has evolved from a first generation analogue cellular system, to the world’s first second generation CDMA, then to the world’s first third generation synchronized IMT-2000 cellular system. We also became the world’s first to commercialize HSPA in May 2006 and open the way for the age of video calling.

In 2004, SK Telecom successfully launched “Hanbyul,” the world’s first DMB satellite, to presage the age of “TV in my palm” and lead the world in the infusion of telecommunications and broadcasting.

Based on these advanced mobile communications technologies, SK Telecom has become a pioneer in clearing the path into a next generation network arena that includes the development of the 4th and 5th generation mobile communication technology.