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Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA) is a non-profit organisation formed to represent the small islands from the Pacific in the field of telecommunications, and to providing opportunities for members to enhance, develop their telecommunications services.

Satellites provide crucial services to the Pacific, with 20 of its small islands and developing states having their islands spread over the ocean, the size of one third of the earth. International and domestic connectivity for most of these islands rely on satellite services. Other satellite services that would be important to the Pacific include disaster management applications, alert, monitoring, and in remote sensing applications.

PITA has over 50 members who are telecommunication entities registered in the Pacific Islands. Other members include over 90 suppliers for various aspects of telecommunications and ICT from developed countries.

PITA has its major meeting, the AGM Conference and Tradeshow held every April. Technical meetings, workshops and training on specific topics and themes are held in other times during the year.