Paul Mattear is the Head of Global Satellite, Aerospace, and Satellite Solutions at Amazon Web Services, where he drives cloud adoption and provides strategic direction across a diverse portfolio of global SatCom accounts. His work spans traditional GEO satellite operators to cutting-edge MEO and LEO enterprises, leveraging cloud technology, AI, and machine learning to innovate satellite communications infrastructure. Paul’s efforts enhance connectivity for telecommunications firms, mobile network operators, and media content producers, solidifying AWS’s leadership in the aerospace and satellite sectors.

Before AWS, Paul held leadership roles at Kymeta and Intelsat and served 22 years in the United States Marine Corps, culminating as Presidential Communications Officer. His academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree from Auburn University and three Master’s degrees with specializations in Telecommunications and Business Administration, underscoring his technical expertise and strategic insight. Recognized as a visionary leader, Paul is driving AWS’s satellite communications and AI/ML initiatives, shaping the future of global connectivity and cloud innovation in the aerospace industry.