Since its foundation in 1884, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has sought to pioneer new approaches to manufacturing, and has built the foundations for the development of the entire industry. MHI manufactures 700 items in a very broad range of fields, including aerospace rockets, power-generation facilities, ships, industrial equipment, and home air conditioners. With energy and environmental issues becoming challenges shared by the entire planet, we are contributing to society through our operations.

As a manufacturing company that supports the sustainability of the Earth and its people, MHI is committed to sustainable growth and to taking on new challenges.

MHI has played an important role in the space development in Japan. from the beginning of the N-I rocket to the current launch vehicle, H-IIA and H-IIB. MHI began activities to provide launch services with the H-IIA for both commercial and government missions in 2007. We have successfully achieved the launch of first-ever foreign costumer satellite in 2012, and will continue to be strongly involved in commercial launch services and leading development in the space industry.