Eddie is a founder of HISe, Inc. (pronounced as “his-ee”), a Washington DC, USA based consulting company. HISe serves clients mainly from Asia Pacific Region and USA for strategic advisories and market development supports for the space and telecommunications fields. HISe’s strength and expertise are to connect players between Asia and US markets, leveraging rigorous experiences of Eddie and his partners. Eddie is an internationally renowned veteran in the space industry. Prior to founding HISe, Eddie spent most of his career in the satellite manufacturing industry. He served as head of world-wide sales organization at two satellite manufacturers, Thales Alenia Space of France (2006 to 2013) and Orbital Sciences of USA (1998 to 2006). Prior to these, Eddie worked for Lockheed Martin of USA and its predecessors (1991 to 1998) and Mitsubishi Electric of Japan (1979 to 1991). Through these careers, he lived and worked in 4 countries – Japan, USA, China and France. Eddie entered into the consulting business in 2014.