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CONTEC, founded in 2015, is a leading space company dedicated to evolutionizing satellite operations through its global network of ground stations. With a primary focus on providing ground station services, CONTEC aims to ensure seamless communication between satellites and ground-based systems. Since the official launch of its services in 2019, marked by the installation of Korea’s first commercial ground station in Jeju, CONTEC has rapidly gained recognition as a trusted partner for major satellite operators.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, CONTEC continues to expand its global footprint, extending its services to clients across America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. By strategically positioning its ground stations worldwide, CONTEC offers enhanced coverage and accessibility to satellite operators, enabling them to optimize their missions and effectively manage their satellite fleets. Moreover, CONTEC advanced technologies process and analyze raw satellite data, delivering high-quality processing services and valuable insights for various industries, empowering informed decision-making.