October 19, 2023 – Eutelsat OneWeb, part of the Eutelsat Group, the satellite communications company, confirmed today that its low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation has successfully connected to a 5G mobile network, supporting 5G QoS levels for the first time. This milestone brings super-fast mobile phone connectivity to remote and rural areas one step closer. The achievement of successful 5G tests can be attributed to the Sunrise Programme, a partnership supported by the European Space Agency. This initiative aims to unite the industry around large-scale programmes, fostering significant advancements and driving economic growth. Through the demonstration, the University of Surrey tested a 5G mobile network by connecting Surrey’s 5G core to a cell site through the LEO constellation, which consists of over 600 satellites in orbit and is the second-largest constellation globally. Over the constellation-assisted connection, researchers tested video conferencing calls, video streaming, gaming, virtual and augmented reality content, and simple web browsing. With a LEO constellation, the service can deliver low-latency connectivity coupled with high speeds to enable these applications. Tests also highlighted a seamless, smooth handover between the LEO network and terrestrial networks, delivering a smooth 5G connectivity experience to users.