March 7, 2018 – Comtech EF Data Corp. announced that it expanded its Heights Networking Platform portfolio to include three new and innovative Remote Gateways. The new Remote Gateways include both indoor and outdoor models – the indoor H-Plus Remote Gateway, and two outdoor units, the H-Plus-ODU Remote Gateway and the H-Pro-ODU Remote Gateway. The offerings provide customers with targeted Heights and Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) solutions to address specific market needs and technology trends that are shaping the satellite communications community. The H-Plus Remote Gateway is aptly named. It gives customers the flexibility to choose between Hub and Spoke VSAT connectivity “Plus” the option to run in true SCPC mode. Providers that are targeting mid-tier VSAT services or that would prefer to start with a simple hub-less SCPC network can utilize a single device that allows them to convert from true point-to-point SCPC mode of operation to Hub and Spoke VSAT operation without changing hardware.