April 29, 2020 – COMSAT has ratified an agreement with ABS to enhance and strengthen the COMSAT global network. The addition of the ABS-3A satellite to the COMSAT Southbury, Connecticut teleport services bolsters its reach throughout the Americas, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East to provide more resilient and robust connectivity solutions through its terrestrial fiber pathways. A 14.2M antenna delivering C-band services and a 9M antenna, providing Ku-band services, have been allocated to support the new partnership. As demand for data transmission increases globally the agreement focuses on providing multiple service options and strengthened satellite connectivity to deliver increased amounts of data, video, mobility, and government applications between the U.S. and international markets. COMSAT will participate in the ABSPlus program, which aggregates teleport infrastructures from around the world to seamlessly integrate ground networks with satellites globally. This complements an ambitious expansion plan currently in process at COMSAT’s Tier 4 WTA certified teleports in Southbury, CT. and Santa Paula, CA. On completion COMSAT will support more satellite constellation providers than any other terrestrial network.