December 22, 2020 – Long March-8 (LM-8) launch vehicle made its debut from Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site, successfully sending five satellites into pre-determined orbit. China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC), a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (CASC), provides the launch services for four satellites aboard including HiSea-1 ,Yuanguang Satellite, TQ-08, and SS-01A. LM-8 launch vehicle is the new generation cryogenic liquid medium-sized launch vehicle of China, which is designed and manufactured by China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), a subsidiary of CASC, with the configuration of a core stage strapped with two boosters. The total length is 50.3 meters, the lift-off mass is 356 tons, and the launch capacity is no less than 4.5 tons for 700 km sun synchronous orbit. Featured by its cost-effectiveness, LM-8 is designed with the aim to provide launch services in the commercial market. HiSea-1 is a synthetic aperture radar imaging satellite, and Yuanguang Satellite is for scientific experiment, both belong to SpaceTY Co., Ltd. (Changsha); TQ-08 is a low-orbit data collection satellite of Beijing Guodian Hi-Tech Science and Technology LTD, and SS-01A is a remote sensing satellite of Beijing Smart Satellite Space Technology Co., Ltd.