September 8, 2021 – Beam Budget has been updated becoming an essential tool for the New Space Era constellations, LEO and MEO. By 2021 the company has been updating the LEO option, in order to be a flexible solution and pioneer in these new constellations. Beam Budget enables the user to manage a LEO network seamlessly, by calculating several dynamic links simultaneously in real-time, as well as selecting a period to obtain the necessary metrics, to ensure a reliable infrastructure. The latest development brings an update on the constellations database including the announced constellations up to date as well as the new feature of the laser inter-satellite link, which can be switched on and off in a matter of a click, in order to provide interconnected constellations in space as well as combined constellations multi-orbit, creating a robust network design, and taking advantage of the new space race assets and latest constellations in any orbit. For example, a GEO satellite constellation can transmit to a small satellite LEO constellation to optimize latency for a particular application as well as LEO and MEO assets can connect via Laser with GEOs to ensure resiliency and availability. The tool allows comparing in a matter of clicks different constellation throughput and service for parabolic and flat antennas. INTEGRASYS has also improved the LEO & MEO reporting capabilities, with a Dual analysis of the forward and return link, as well as detailed information about the beams and coverage, the metrics are represented graphically so that also sales teams can understand the results and exporting the report to Excel or PDF.