December 12, 2018 – Axelspace selects SKY Perfect JSAT & KSAT Ground Station Service for GRUS, the first commercial Japanese optical EO satellite with KSATLite, a global ground network as a service, optimized for small satellites and big constellations. A high degree of standardization, supporting all the major standards in satellite and launch vehicle space to ground communications, makes the service easily scalable and cost effective. The KSATLite global network is fully operational and live today, and by leveraging this award, SKY Perfect JSAT and KSAT will expand their business for the emerging LEO market. GRUS is a next-generation remote sensing microsatellite, the building block of Axelspace’s Earth observation LEO constellation. Even with its mass of less than 100kg, it will enable us to obtain images with 2.5m ground resolution. The first GRUS-1 satellite will be launched this December followed by many more in the coming years, making high-frequency monitoring a reality for the entire Earth. When the full constellation is in place, Axelspace will be able to update the imagery of the Earth every day, making the satellite data easily accessible through the AxelGlobe platform. Axelspace will start commercial service for the imageries and its analysis data in 2019.