December 21, 2023 – Axelspace Holdings Corporation announced that the company completed its Series D funding round raising approximately JPY 6.24 billion (equivalent to USD 44.0 million). This brings the cumulative amount of equity financing to approximately JPY 14.3 billion. Axelspace Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Axelspace Holdings, will use the new funds to meet more diverse customer demands. This involves enhancing our Earth observation services through the expansion of our proprietary microsatellite constellation which currently consists of five satellites under operation, providing full-scale services of microsatellite development and operation to both public and private sectors, and constructing optical data relay satellite constellations. In the 15 years since its establishment in 2008, Axelspace has demonstrated a proven track record in the development and operation of a total of nine microsatellites, including a technology demonstration satellite for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). In addition to the Earth observation service “AxelGlobe” which started in 2015, Axelspace has been progressing its research and development to realize an innovative one-stop service, “AxelLiner.” This service was announced in 2022 aiming to offer feasibility studies, designing, manufacturing, launch, and in-orbit operations for microsatellites, and its demonstration satellite is expected to launch in early 2024.