August 17, 2021 – AVEALTO Ltd., a UK-based company, was formed to design, build and operate a fleet of High Altitude Platform (HAP) vehicles which can transparently replace point-to-point satellite services at a lower cost, with higher quality service. Recent improvements in the efficiency of batteries and solar cells now have made it possible to create a commercially viable HAP vehicle optimized to provide Wireless Infrastructure. Since it’s formation in 2013, AVEALTO has maintained a very a low profile, as it went through the design and development process. This process is near completion. AVEALTO began flight testing on June 28th, 2021 under the supervision of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), with the goal of obtaining UK Flight Approval. The company expects to begin commercial services by end of 2022. It is likely that the production of AVEALTO HAP vehicles will be relatively limited the first 1-2 years. Customers that make an early commitment to services will obtain preferential pricing and service availability. “Early adopter” customers will also be able to help select the initial regions for HAP services coverage. Over 3 billion people in the world do not have routine access to the internet. In addition, hundreds of millions of people in remote areas must rely on high cost satellite links. AVEALTO HAP vehicles can provide “satellite equivalent” services at a lower cost than satellites, and with higher quality.