March 7, 2017 – Fire & Rescue New South Wales, Australia’s largest urban fire service and the fourth largest in the world, has integrated cutting-edge Push-to-Talk (PTT) technology developed by Cobham and its partner Wireless Innovation within its existing communications network. By combining satellite and land mobile radio into a single ubiquitous network, the new technology significantly extends the reach of data and voice communication across the 880,000 km2 New South Wales land mass that the service is responsible for. Cobham SATCOM’s EXPLORER PTT solution combines highly reliable global L-band satellite technology and least cost routing for automatic switching between satcom, LTE and Land Mobile Radio without user intervention. The system uses just a single handheld microphone, making it incredibly user friendly for fire fighters, who can just pick up and talk without thinking about which service the conversation is being transmitted on. Additionally, the least cost routing ensures costs are kept to the absolute minimum, making it a highly viable solution for public funded services.