January 31, 2023 – ATLAS Space Operations will join the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Provider Program (SPP) to resell AWS Ground Station, a fully managed ground station infrastructure which lets customers control satellite communications, process data, and scale their operations. The SPP is an official AWS program allowing specific AWS Partners to resell AWS services to end customers as part of their unique offerings. The SPP will expand ATLAS’ global federated network, a network of networks that work together seamlessly through Freedom™, ATLAS’ proprietary software that integrates its global ground network with partnered ground antenna sites. ATLAS clients will now have access to 11 additional ground sites, giving customers low-latency and low-cost access to AWS services so that they can quickly store and process their data. The Freedom software abstracts complexity through features such as flex scheduling, streaming metrics, pass insights, status updates, and one endpoint for all TT&C. This facilitates automation and integration into existing architectures.