December 15, 2022 – Astroscale Japan Inc., a subsidiary of Astroscale Holdings Inc., the market leader in satellite servicing and long-term orbital sustainability across all orbits, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Yusen Logistics, Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and Kids Station Inc., supporting Astroscale’s space debris removal demonstration satellite, Active Debris Removal by Astroscale-Japan (ADRAS-J). The common goal of this partnership is to work towards creating a safe and sustainable space environment. Astroscale Japan was previously contracted as a partner for the ADRAS-J satellite by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency for Phase I of its Commercial Removal of Debris Demonstration Project. ADRAS-J is scheduled for lift-off on a Rocket Lab Electron rocket from Launch Complex 1 in Mahia, New Zealand. Once deployed to a precise orbit by Electron’s Kick Stage, the ADRAS-J satellite is designed to rendezvous with a Japanese upper stage rocket body, demonstrate proximity operations, and obtain images, delivering observational data to better understand the debris environment.