October 19, 2021 – Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited has acquired a strategic stake in One Click Go Live Limited (formerly known as HERMES Live Technology Limited), a company incorporated in Hong Kong and specialised in video live streaming services and solutions. ‘One Click Go Live’ offers video live-streaming solutions that provide professional, broadcast-grade video streaming for live events. Its stable and scalable platform, built on patented video technologies, has delivered more than 300 live events across a geographical footprint of over 50 countries, reaching an audience of more than 20 million. ‘One Click Go Live’ also offers customised low latency live streaming solutions, which are particularly ideal for broadcasting content types such as sports streaming, live auctions, allowing viewers to watch the events on any devices in close to real-time. ‘One Click Go Live’ can be offered independently or as part of AsiaSat’s end-to-end media solution offerings to its blue-chip full time and occasional use customers for linear TV and occasional feed distribution. The extensive client portfolio of ‘One Click Go Live’ has included customers from entertainment and media sectors serving mega-events such as concerts, award presentations and sports matches; enterprise and business clients for conference and education events such as global meetings and summits, auctions, webinars and workshops; corporate activities from shareholder meetings, town hall meetings to recruitment and staff training.