February 7, 2020 – A year after orbiting the first six OneWeb satellites, Arianespace has launched another batch – involving 34 satellites this time – to help its customer offer global Internet access to all. Arianespace will carry out 19 more Soyuz launches – along with the Ariane 62 version’s first flight – at the service of OneWeb, with these flights performed from three different space centers and occurring primarily during 2020 and 2021. Today’s mission was the 50th Soyuz launch operated by Arianespace and Starsem, as well as the second successful mission for Arianespace in 2020. Today’s launch, the 27th Soyuz mission carried out by Arianespace and Starsem from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, injected 34 OneWeb satellites into orbit, bringing the total to 40. The first six satellites in the OneWeb constellation were successfully orbited by Arianespace a year ago, in February 2019. Nineteen more Soyuz launches for this constellation will be carried out from three space centers (Kourou in French Guiana, Baikonur and Vostochny in Russia), along with the first Ariane 62 launch – with the missions taking place primarily in 2020 and 2021. OneWeb will start customer demonstrations in 2020 and will offer global 24/7 coverage starting in 2021.