August 31, 2021 – AXESS Networks has been chosen by ARAB Satellite Communications Organization (ARABSAT) to provide connectivity and teleport services on Appendix 30B C-Band space segment on-board its ARABSAT-5A Satellite at an orbital location of 30.5°E with coverage footprint across Europe, Middle East, and Africa. AXESS global infrastructure is recognized by the WTA (World Teleport Association) and TIER-3 certified. Together with Arabsat, AXESS is establishing a state-of-the-art Appendix C-Band Network consisting of an antenna system equipped with latest technology. Arabsat-5A earth station is directly connected to the teleport distribution matrix allowing direct access to broad range of technology platforms covering most common use cases scenarios ranging from dedicated broadband SCPC solutions up to complex MF-TDMA and Mx-DMA HUB based network platforms. This multifaceted configuration is ideally suited for large trunk links of MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and ISPs (Internet Service Providers). In addition, the new service will provide the ideal solution for multi-site networks with significant connectivity and data requirements. With its technical and commercial economic feasibility, it competes against terrestrial fibre connectivity by meeting the highest SLA requirements.