Seoul, September 4, 2012 – The satellite industry loses millions of dollars per year down to cases of interference and a great deal of manpower has to be given over to discovering its causes. Satellite operators have a corresponding interest for an urgent solution to satellite interference. The satellite industry needs to collaborate to combat satellite interference ? and the Asian region is no exception.

APSCC in cooperation with the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) and the Satellite Interference Reduction Group (sIRG) will hold the first ‘Satellite RF Interference Mitigation Forum’ on September 24th at COEX, Seoul, Korea during the APSCC 2012 Satellite Conference & Exhibition to initiate multilateral talks among parties at stake and to open a mutual operation contact point for the prevention of and prompt response to interference.

The Forum will be a platform to discuss on the methods of preventing interference and coming up with a realistic solution to satellite interference by satellite operators in the region. Also, participating in this high-level dialogue will be executives covering the full spectrum of the satellite industry involved with Carrier ID and the plans being developed to take quality assurance and satellite signal integrity to the next level.

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