APSCC supports a new initiative (click here for full Community Connect Paper) aimed at facilitating global broadband with satellite’s role highlighted. The goals of Community Connect are:

  • Enabling 100% availability of broadband communications services, everywhere
  • Providing consumers, business, governments, hospitals, schools and others access to broadband services, wherever they are locate
  • Stimulating the development of jobs and the local economy by increased access to broadband services
  • Increasing educational skills, access to health care and e-government to local communities

In order to achieve these goals, Community Connect urges regulators, satellite network operators and service providers & integrators to take the following actions:

  • Adopt technology neutral regulations that enable competition among platforms, including for spectrum, universal service and interconnection
  • Eliminate requirements that limit market access to domestic service providers
  • Adopt and publish clear and transparent licensing requirements
  • Adopt blanket licensing for satellite user terminals
  • Adopt and publish cost-based licensing fees
  • Adopt cost-based cross-border customs charges
  • Adopt globally harmonized equipment standards
  • Work with regulators and communities to ensure that there are minimal regulatory burdens for an operator to install needed terrestrial infrastructure and the deployment of VSATs and other user terminal equipment
  • Develop education and training programs for consumers and businesses in local communities to educate them about the benefits of broadband.