February 6, 2020 – Airbus has redefined its portfolio of turnkey Earth observation systems, specifically designed for the international market. Responding to current market trends, the company now offers a portfolio of end-to-end systems that complies with the increasing variety of user requirements and business models of its customers. This new portfolio encompasses off-the-shelf products ranging from the constellation-ready S250 optical and S250 radar all the way to absolute-high-end systems with the S850 radar and the S950 optical. It also includes the S450 optical, formerly known as the AstroBus-S. The portfolio comprises: The constellation-ready S250 optical and S250 radar, two small satellites that benefit from Airbus’ most recent advancements in the New Space sector (as also applied in the production of OneWeb satellites), with the French CO3D four-satellite constellation being the first to build on this product. The flight-proven S450 optical, recently selected for the PerúSAT-1 (launched in 2016) and THEOS 2 (launch planned in 2021) programmes. The S850 radar, a highly sophisticated radar system whose technological capabilities enable advanced applications both in the observation domain and in scientific contexts. The S950 optical, a high-end optical satellite that is also the base for Airbus’ own Pléiades Neo four-satellite constellation (starting in 2020).