April 23, 2024 – Viasat announced collaboration with uAvionix, a pioneer in the development of certified avionics for crewed and uncrewed aviation. uAvionix will join Viasat’s Velaris Partner Network. Following a strategic alliance agreement between the companies to develop products and services for the uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) market, uAvionix has begun integrating Viasat’s Velaris module into its compact muLTElink airborne radio system. Powered by Viasat’s global L-band network, Velaris provides secure, resilient, L-band, communications for commercial UAVs. Velaris enables real-time monitoring for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) UAV operations, with seamless integration into commercial airspace. uAvionix’s system combines C-band, LTE, ISM and Viasat L-band, and carefully monitors and manages each data link using a DO-377A Link Executive Manager (LEM) while automatically registering aircraft with uAvionix’s SkyLine Cloud Managed BVLOS service. Read more