October 26, 2023 – Eutelsat Communications announces today the successful entry into service of its state-of-the-art EUTELSAT KONNECT VHTS Very High Throughput Satellite, at the 2.7°E orbital position. EUTELSAT KONNECT VHTS, a very high throughput satellite built by Thales Alenia Space, will provide fixed, mobile and government connectivity across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Delivering 230 beams and with a Ka-band capacity of 500 Gbps, EUTELSAT KONNECT VHTS is the largest geostationary satellite to date in Europe. It embarks the most powerful on-board digital processor ever put in orbit, offering capacity allocation flexibility, optimal spectrum use, and progressive ground network deployment. This state-of-the-art satellite, with capacity seven times that of the previous generation EUTELSAT KONNECT, enters service with several major committed customers, namely Orange – via its Nordnet affiliate for the French coverage, Telecom Italia Mobile over Italy, and Thales Alenia Space to serve notably government connectivity services. Totaling c.€450m, these commitments underpin Eutelsat Group’s revenue growth objectives in the coming years.