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KT, Korea’s top integrated wired/wireless communications service provider, has been in the lead in the development of the information & communications business for the last 27 years. With the commercial launch of the world’s first wireless broadband service (WiBro), KT is paving the way for U-Korea with ubiquitous infrastructure through which people can share information wherever they are.

On 30 December 2010, KT launched Olleh1 and initiated the commercial service at the end of January 2011. Olleh1 replaced KOREASAT 3 and provides in-orbit backup capacity for the entire KOREASAT fleet. KT also has the capacity with KOREASAT 7(CONDOSAT) to provide a service to neighboring countries outside the Korean Peninsula, covering Asia, Middle East and Africa.

KT currently operates 3 satellites – KOREASAT5, Olleh1 and KOREASAT 7 for DBS and FSS. In July 2010, KT also made an agreement with ABS to build KOREASAT 8 (CONDOSAT) and the spacecraft is under the construction. When launched in 2013, KOREASAT 8 will provide the commercial service over Korea, East Asia, South Africa and South East Asia.