July 11, 2023 – Astranis announced that it is partnering with Orbits Corp to bring the Philippines their first-ever dedicated internet satellite. The satellite will provide sufficient bandwidth to connect up to two million people across 5,000 remote and rural communities in the Philippines. Orbits Corp is a satellite services provider and the sister company of a local Philippine ISP, HTechCorp, which has over 20 years of experience in providing internet services to the 7,000+ islands of the Philippines. Led by former legislator Atty Augusto Baculio, Orbits Corp’s mission is to connect unconnected regions, providing them with the tools necessary to thrive in the Digital Age. This Astranis satellite will be the first internet satellite ever dedicated to the Philippines, a nation that is uniquely challenging to cover with traditional connectivity solutions like fiber, microwave, and large satellite systems. Over 20 typhoons in the Philippines each year, and other natural disasters, challenge the Filipino people and prove the importance of resilient connectivity infrastructure.