14 February 2022, Seoul, Korea – The Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) announced that SatADSL has joined the Organization, continuing to grow the organization’s reach for the space and satellite industry.

“As the voice representing the satellite and space industry, APSCC is excited to welcome SatADSL. In this challenging time, the industry needs to work together to ensure that it is actively and efficiently represented,” said APSCC President Gregg Daffner. “This addition not only does enrich APSCC’s membership base, but also further reinforces its diversified profile as the organization promoting the mutual interests of the entire satellite and space of the Asia Pacific region.”

“SatADSL is world’s first managed satellite service aggregator and a zero capex OSS/BSS. It is an innovative & revolutionary platform that will help every player in the satellite services value chain (teleport/hub operator, ISP and reseller) to generate new revenues without any capex and monetise their investment faster. We are now focussing to expand our reach in the Asia & Oceania region and joining APSCC is another step in that direction. We look forward to interacting with the members from the satellite industry for new value added partnerships.” said SatADSL’s Senior Vice President APAC Rajeev Nair.



The Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) is a non-profit international association representing all sectors of satellite and/or space-related industries, including private and public companies, government ministries and agencies, and academic and research entities. The overall objective of APSCC is to promote communications and broadcasting via satellite as well as outer space activities in the Asia-Pacific for the socioeconomic and cultural welfare of the region. www.apscc.or.kr


About SatADSL

SatADSL, founded in 2011, is an award-winning satellite service provider based in Brussels, Belgium, delivering innovative solutions worldwide to satellite operators, teleport & hub operators, government and enterprise bodies, and ISPs.

Active in 50 countries and already connected to more than 25 teleports and satellites, in continuous expansion, SatADSL offers the world’s first satellite aggregation system, acting as a capacity broker connecting teleports with new customers and markets via its flagship neXat platform (formerly known as C-SDP).

Our PaaS offering, neXat, is a virtual OSS/BSS that allows teleport and hub operators to offer the full range of SatADSL’s value added services to their own clients and provides classical and packaged connectivity services through its network of ISPs or directly to end users. It is equipment agnostic and available in Ku, Ka and C Band.

Visit www.satadsl.net for more information and follow us @SatADSL on Twitter and LinkedIn for regular news and updates.