17 May 2021, Seoul, Korea – The Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) announced High Altitude Platform (HAP) provider Avealto has joined the association, breaking new ground in APSCC membership.

“It is a pleasure to welcome Avealto into the Association,” said APSCC President Gregg Daffner. “As the pre-eminent satellite industry group in the Asia-Pacific region, APSCC works to include companies from every part of the space industry, including HAPs manufacturers and operators.  As our industry innovates and develops new ways to connect the people of the region, APSCC is a proud partner.”

“After many years of interaction with APSCC, Avealto is delighted to now become a member,” said Walt Anderson, Avealto’s Founder and CEO. “We see key opportunities for HAPS deployments in the markets of the region, and by working with APSCC, we are confident we will deepen our engagement with the Asian industry as a whole.”

Avealto brings to 72 the number of members in APSCC, which is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and serves eighteen markets across the Asia Pacific region.  Membership is drawn from private and public companies across the space industry, including government ministries and agencies, as well as academic and research entities.

About Avealto

Founded in 2013 by Walt Anderson, Avealto, which translates to “High Bird” in Spanish, is a privately held UK-based company.  Avealto connect unserved- and underserved-regions, mobile operators, VSAT networks and the maritime industry with Wireless Infrastructure via lighter-than-air, solar-powered, and uncrewed High Altitude Platforms (HAPs).  Avealto’s mission is to fund, build, and operate hundreds of HAPs in order to provide mobile telephony, broadband communications and other hosted payloads for the three billion people who don’t have adequate access to telecom and data networks. These High Altitude Platforms will integrate into existing terrestrial and satellite infrastructure to provide low-cost connectivity throughout the world.  Find out more at: https://avealto.com/