3 January 2022, Seoul, Korea – The Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) announced that on-orbit servicing (OOS) company, Astroscale has joined the trade group, augmenting its already-broad reach in the space and satellite industry across the Asia Pacific region.

“APSCC is delighted to welcome Astroscale as our newest member,” said APSCC President Gregg Daffner. “Their participation will strengthen our representation of companies at every level of the space industry value chain. As the organization dedicated to furthering the mutual interests of the entire satellite and space industry in Asia, Astroscale not only strengthens APSCC’s membership base, but also reinforces our association’s diverse profile.”


About Astroscale
Astroscale offers governments, satellite operators and launch service providers choices and flexibility across the spectrum of on-orbit servicing (OOS) menus including end-of-life(EOL), active debris removal(ADR), space situational awareness(ISSA) and life extension(LEX), while creating a sustainable foundation for the growth of the space economy in such services. Astroscale is at the cusp of an emerging market that will revolutionize the future of space.

Astroscale, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023, is organized under Astroscale Holdings in Tokyo, Japan, and has four business entities under Astroscale Holdings – Astroscale Japan, Astroscale US, Astroscale UK and Astrospace Israel. Read more about Astroscale at https://astroscale.com


The Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) is a non-profit international association representing all sectors of satellite and/or space-related industries, including private and public companies, government ministries and agencies, and academic and research entities. The overall objective of APSCC is to promote communications and broadcasting via satellite as well as outer space activities in the Asia-Pacific for the socioeconomic and cultural welfare of the region. www.apscc.or.kr