19 November 2019, Bangkok, Thailand – The Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) announced the winners of its 16th APSCC Awards at the APSCC 2019 Satellite Conference & Exhibition held in Bangkok, Thailand.

As a collective voice representing the satellite industry of the Asia Pacific region, APSCC has made considerable effort to bring the various entities in the satellite community together for communication and cooperation. Each year APSCC recognizes outstanding organizations and individuals through the APSCC Awards to honour them for their collaboration, guidance and support in helping APSCC reach its mission as well as for their contribution to the satellite industry.

The Awards recipients this year were acknowledged for their innovations and achievements in the satellite industry, as well as their leadership in developing and expediting the distribution of new services via satellite in the Asia-Pacific region.

Recipients of the 2019 APSCC Awards:

  • Satellite Executive of the Year in Asia-Pacific
    Christian Patouraux, CEO & Founder, Kacific
    Christian Patouraux has over two decades’ experience in the satellite industry. He began his satellite career with SES, initially as a satellite engineer, procuring, launching, testing and operating 12 spacecraft, then as an independent business development consultant, playing key roles in launching broadband businesses, implementing large teleports, deploying airline and maritime broadband, and developing satellite multi-play and IPTV businesses.

    Christian went on to develop satellite offerings for new markets in Asia Pacific as head of special projects for MEASAT. Christian was also Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer at O3b Networks, where his work was fundamental to launching the company’s maritime business.

    In 2013, Christian founded Kacific Broadband Satellites to bring high speed, low-cost connectivity to remote regions of the Asia Pacific. Kacific fosters greater internet usage and fuels economic growth and improvements in service delivery across covered regions.

    Kacific’s first satellite, Kacific1, designed and built by Boeing, will launch into geostationary orbit in December 2019. Once operational, Kacific will offer direct internet access, via wholesale channels, to government agencies, institutions, businesses, community groups and households within the satellite’s total footprint area.

  • Lifetime Achievement
    Ted McFarland
    Ted is currently the Commercial Director with Sales, Marketing and Customer responsibilities at Blue Origin. He is also an investor and on the board of GloCal Media Networks as well as an advisor to The Media Alliance of Asia.

    In his 30+ years satellite-related technologies, systems and services in the region, Ted has held key leadership positions with major multinational corporations and has a rich background in worldwide sales, marketing and business development.

    He has also made significant and diversified contributions to the Asia-Pacific Satellite and Pay Television Industries by fostering business opportunities across industries that involved advance technologies, regulatory, extreme customer focus and market access strategies with international dimensions throughout the Asia-Pacific region. He also continuously dedicated himself to the growth of technology and assisted the development of space economic for many Asian countries by being the advocate across key operators to name a few like MEASAT, Hughes, ILS, Orbital (now known as Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems), Afro-Asian Satellite Communication, JSAT with the acquisition and development of launch vehicles and satellite related technologies, systems, and services across the Asia-Pacific region.

The 2019 APSCC Awards winners were selected by the APSCC Board of Directors based on nominations submitted by the members of APSCC.

“This year, APSCC is pleased to honour the executives and veterans, who have taken the lead to enhance the satellite industry of the Asia Pacific region. The honourees this year were chosen for their contributions made to the satellite market in the region including innovative technologies, best practices and important services. Congratulations to the winners!” said Gregg Daffner, President of APSCC in his congratulatory message given at the awards ceremony.