30th Anniversary Congratulatory Message by

Terry Bleakley, President, APSCC


In 1994, I was living in Sydney, Australia, working for a PC firm, completely transfixed by technology. Mobile phones were being introduced, albeit a little large (remember the Motorola brick), Netscape Navigator was launched (one of the first web browsers), amazon.com was founded by Jeff Bezos as an online bookstore, the first PlayStation console was released, the Channel Tunnel opened, and Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa.

Little did I know at the time, but the early to mid-1990s also represented an important time for the satellite sector in Asia. MEASAT was formed in 1993 from a government initiative and was to launch Malaysia’s first satellite in 1996. Thaicom, formed in 1991, had their first satellite come into operation in 1994. Korea launched its first two communications Mugunghwa satellites in 1995 and 1996. In 1992, the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UN-OOSA) recognized the need for a regional organization to address satellite-related issues in the Asia-Pacific region and to promote regional cooperation. Recognizing this, the establishment of APSCC was proposed by 33 government members of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN-ESCAP). In October 1994, an establishment meeting was held, and APSCC was officially launched in the presence of government and business representatives from 30 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Since its inception, we have seen tremendous growth and change in the sector. We have gone from 30 members in 1994 to 60 members in 2024, providing a forum to share information, exchange ideas, look to the future, and promote the sector in Asia, with our key event being our annual conference. Some key metrics from our most recent conference in 2023 include 100 speakers, 33 conference sessions, 15 sponsors, and 12 supporting & media partners, with a total of 455 Registrants from 152 companies representing 26 countries.

Throughout its history, APSCC has witnessed remarkable growth and development, spearheaded by visionary leaders and groundbreaking achievements. We have moved from traditional GEO satellites capable of 2 to 4 Gbps of throughput to HTS (High Throughput Satellites) in excess of 100 Gbps. Virtualization is impacting the industry, and we are seeing a move to Software Define satellites and infrastructure.

During the later part of this 30-year history, we have seen the rise of NGSO constellations, both MEO constellations and LEO through inspirational visionaries such as Greg Wyler helping connect the unconnected. Launch platforms and options have expanded, with SpaceX, Blue Origin, Rocket Labs, ISRO, some using reusable platforms providing more options to get space hardware into space. APSCC has provided valuable support to the industry, collectively raising our voice at WRC meetings to protect spectrum, which is so important for the survival and future of our industry.

We have acknowledged the importance of youth and since 2016 have been holding a youth development workshop alongside our annual conference, for aspiring students wishing to join our vibrant industry. APSCC plays a role in recognizing satellite talent in the region, with our annual awards including Satellite Executive of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award, and offering a scholarship at The Southern Space Studies Program (SHSSP), provided in partnership by ISU (International Space University) and the University of South Australia for the Young Talent Award.

As APSCC celebrates its 30th anniversary, it stands as a testament to the resilience and dynamism of the satellite communication industry. The 30th anniversary is traditionally referred to as the Pearl Anniversary, symbolizing purity and wisdom, making it a fitting symbol for commemorating three decades. From its humble beginnings to its current stature as a leading industry organization, APSCC has played a vital role in shaping the future of satellite communication in the Asia Pacific region.

30th Anniversary Congratulatory Message by

Dr. Eui K. Koh, Former APSCC President (2003-2006)


Congratulations to APSCC for 30th anniversary.

At the verge of satellite communication industry development in the region 30 years ago, industry leaders and the government officials of the Asia Pacific region founded the organization for collaboration and cooperation among all related industries and users for the benefit of the Asia Pacific countries. I would like to convey heartfelt congratulations to all participants for their dedication including APSCC staff for the last 30 years.

Wish the APSCC continues to inspire satellite and space industry to deliver benefits to the Asia Pacific people.

30th Anniversary Congratulatory Message by

Yutaka Nagai, Former APSCC President (2007-2010)


To all stakeholders and members of APSCC, I would like to sincerely congratulate the 30th anniversary of APSCC’s establishment.

While the utilization of satellites and the space industry in the Asia-Pacific region started a bit later compared to Europe and America, thanks to the efforts of seniors in South Korea and Japan, APSCC was established with the aim of promoting the space industry and satellite communications in this region. It has not only invited industry stakeholders from this region but also from around the world as members, facilitating information exchange and recommendations, and has grown significantly to what it is today. I believe this is all thanks to the efforts and cooperation of the APSCC Secretariat and participating members over the years.

Over the 30 years since its establishment, the industry environment has undergone significant changes. I have served as President of APSCC around 2014, and it has been almost 10 years since then. Comparing the situation then to now, remarkable environmental changes have occurred. The foremost is the emergence of satellite communication-based internet services via mega-constellations of numerous satellites in various orbits. While similar concepts existed back then, they were not necessarily successful and often of smaller scale. Projects like Starlink, OneWeb, and Amazon’s planned Project Kuiper far exceed the conventional wisdom of satellite communications.

Satellite communication remains an indispensable medium for broadcasting, but the proliferation of the internet is even challenging its role in broadcasting. Services providing content such as sports, movies, and TV dramas via the internet are booming, enabling the reception of 4K videos over the internet. The satellite launch business has also been significantly transformed by the emergence of SpaceX. Moreover, the launch of small satellites equipped with sensors has become more active, and new launch companies specializing in small satellite launches are entering the market. Plans to send spacecraft to the moon have also been revitalized since the Apollo era.

Technological progress is advancing at a much faster pace than people imagine. As a result, humanity is facing issues such as global warming and environmental destruction. Human economic activities and the development of new technologies cannot be stopped because it is inherent to human existence. Therefore, isn’t it humanity’s responsibility to develop new technologies that can control the potential problems caused by introducing new things and systems we have come up with, so as not to push humanity itself into a corner?

30th Anniversary Congratulatory Message by

Paul Brown-Kenyon, Former APSCC President (2015-2016)


I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) — it’s Presidents (past and current); it’s Board of Directors; it’s membership; and most importantly, the hard working Secretariat – on achieving this impressive anniversary.

From its inception, APSCC has taken the role of advancing satellite communications for the socioeconomic and cultural welfare of the Asia-Pacific region. In an era where relevance is often fleeting, the commitment of the association to this simple, but important, goal has stood the test of time. Whether it be through advocacy, knowledge sharing, fostering collaboration, or developing the next generation of industry leadership, APSCC has remained a trusted ally for all those involved in the satellite communications ecosystem delivering on its’ mission.

In today’s world, the importance of APSCC as an industry advocate has never been more pronounced. As we witness an unprecedented acceleration of technological innovation and digital transformation, the role of satellite communications in bridging connectivity gaps and enabling global connectivity has become increasingly vital. And as we have put more strain on the world, efforts to increase awareness and initiate action to ensure we move to a more sustainable industry which takes less and gives back more is becoming indispensable. I look forward to seeing APSCC continue to support, advocate and shape the industry on these and other issues moving forward,

Again, congratulations to APSCC on the first 30 years. And wishing the association many more years of excellence and impact to come.

30th Anniversary Congratulatory Message by

Gregg Daffner, Former APSCC President (2017-2023.4) and Co-Founder


Congratulations to APSCC and its hard-working Secretariat, to our many Presidents and to all of us who birthed then participated and contributed to this organization over the past 30 years.

I joined APSCC at its inception and spoke at our first conference the APSCC ’94 Workshop, October 26-28, 1994 in Seoul. The big satellite session that opened the conference had a cast of characters representing Intelsat and Intersputnik, AsiaSat, PSN, Orion, Rimsat and I was there on behalf of PanAmSat which was planning to launch its first Asia-Pacific satellite.

In truth, APSCC began 2 years earlier when Dr. Seon J Chung, VP of Satellites Communications at The Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) organized a regional satellite communication workshop entitled “92 Workshop of Satellite Communication for Development in Asia-Pacific” held in Seoul under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications, Korea and the Office for Outer Space Affair of United Nations and attended by some 200 satellite communications experts, business managers and government officials from in and outside of the region. I attended that original conference and I still remember working each evening past midnight debating the terms of what was to become the Constitution and Bylaws for APSCC. The outcome of the workshop was the agreement to recommend to the United Nations, ITU and respective governments in the region for the creation of an organization for regional cooperation in satellite communication, named Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC) and to hold workshops bi-annually.

One of our concerns when APSCC was being formed was that because APSCC actively sought to bring together representatives from governments throughout the Asia-Pacific region, along with satellite operators and other companies in the satellite and broadcasting ecosystem, this might encourage governments in the region to support the creation of protected domestic satellite monopolies and thwart open skies, competition, and market access. Fortunately, that was not how it turned out since the government representatives barely ever showed up! APSCC quickly developed into a business association for the space and satellite industry and a forum for market development and technical expansion.

For many of us, APSCC has also been like a game of musical chairs with the same members moving from company to company over our years participating in APSCC. Personally, I joined my first APSCC meeting as new hire of what was then the first privately owned satellite company – PanAmSat and went on to bring no less than 8 different companies that I worked for in as new members of APSCC so that I could stay engaged in our organization!

I have served on the boards of many industry trade organizations, but none have been as fulfilling or pleasurable as APSCC. Some people have asked why I have stuck around for so long – and the answer is that every year is a new adventure, and I can’t wait to see where we will be going next. We are the forum for space and satellites across Asia-Pacific and over the past 30 years we have created a unique support structure for our industry and community. I served on our Board for many years and was president from 2017 until 2023 until I was double term-limited out. When I was first elected, we were in a financial slump, membership was down and then we hit the Pandemic. But we persevered, grew, and now have significant cash reserves and a great new president – Terry Bleakley who is inspiring us into new directions.

My colleagues who have also written congratulatory messages for this anniversary edition have done a great job covering the vast accomplishments of our organization over its 30-year history and the remarkable achievements that our industry has made over the past 3 decades — contributions to bridging the digital divide, improving life on earth and travel across our solar system. I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with every one of these people over the years and I look forward to the next 30 years of APSCC. To infinity and beyond!

30th Anniversary Congratulatory Message by

Daniel Kim, Managing Director, Global and Maritime Business Group, KTSAT and APSCC Board Member


Warmest congratulations on the momentous occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC).

As a longstanding Platinum member, KTSAT has witnessed and contributed to the remarkable journey of APSCC since its foundation. Over the past three decades, APSCC has played a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence in the satellite communications industry throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to APSCC for its unwavering commitment to advancing the satellite communications sector. The collective efforts of APSCC members have undoubtedly propelled the industry to new heights, promoting connectivity, technological advancements, and sustainable development.

KTSAT takes pride in being the sole satellite operator in Korea, and our partnership with APSCC has been instrumental in our growth and success. The invaluable networking opportunities, insightful forums, and collaborative initiatives facilitated by APSCC have enriched our industry knowledge and broadened our horizons.

As we celebrate this milestone, let us reflect on the achievements and milestones of the past 30 years and look forward to a future filled with continued success. May APSCC’s legacy endure, and may the next chapters be marked by even greater accomplishments and advancements in satellite communications.

Once again, congratulations to APSCC on reaching this significant 30-year milestone. Here’s to the past, present, and future success of APSCC and its esteemed members.

30th Anniversary Congratulatory Message by

Kenichi Shimotsuma, General Manager, Asia Regional Headquarters, Global Business Group, Space Business Unit, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation and APSCC Board Member


Dear Members, Partners, and Friends of the Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council

As we approach the 30th anniversary of the Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC), we are pleased to congratulate this esteemed group.

For three decades, APSCC has guided the satellite and space industry, promoting teamwork and new ideas across borders. This journey of success shows the commitment of the diverse APSCC family. We celebrate not only its long history, but also the important role they have played in shaping satellite communications in the Asia Pacific region.

APSCC brings together talent and expertise, creating a place where teamwork drives progress. As we look back, we’re hopeful for the future. With APSCC leading the way, we look forward to even greater achievements and global impact in the years to come. Here’s to 30 years of excellence, innovation, and collaboration!

Congratulations on this amazing milestone!

30th Anniversary Congratulatory Message by

Yau Chyong Lim, COO of MEASAT and APSCC Board Member


Congratulations, APSCC, on turning 30 – a most special milestone indeed!

Reflecting on our journey, I am honored to be a current board representative of APSCC, proudly representing MEASAT. Being part of the satellite and space industry’s evolution in the Asia Pacific over three decades has been an incredible experience.

This anniversary celebration is a testament to the shared vision and determination within APSCC to foster the growth of our industry in this region. I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to every person who has contributed to making this achievement possible.

Looking ahead, I am excited to contemplate the possibilities and groundbreaking milestones that lie ahead for Asia Pacific as we forge on together in the enduring spirit of innovation.

Here’s to many more years of excellence to come.

30th Anniversary Congratulatory Message by

Adi Rahman Adiwoso, CEO of Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN)


First of all I would like to congratulate The Asia Pacific Satellite Communication Council (APSCC) for the remarkable 30th Anniversary.

For 30 years APSCC has successfully connected individuals and institutions in the satellite industry to work together and built a powerful collaboration network from cross nations in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide. PSN is truly proud to have the privilege to be a member of The Asia Pacific Satellite Communication Council (APSCC).

Our membership in APSCC has brought various entities from the satellite industry for us to connect and collaborate with. Through APSCC’s vast community network, APSCC has reinforced us with incredible industry leaders, experts and inventors from the Asia-Pacific satellite community.

I would also like to emphasize my appreciation to APSCC for the awards that have been given to the younger generation in this industry, as an acknowledgement for their outstanding achievements and innovations. This appreciation is something that both APSCC and PSN highly treasure. In which, we in PSN are also in an endeavour to flourish the next generation of the satellite industry.

Space contributes greatly to our society today, so I acknowledge the importance and contribution of space technology on supporting our daily activities. Thus, I encourage APSCC to influence the industry for a wiser space usage for it to be beneficial to all humankind and also to take part in the initiative to use space as a key driver in building sustainable developments to make our earth a safe and peaceful place to live.

As APSCC marked the journey into its third decade, I hope APSCC will continue to expand their network, making them the largest and most influential satellite association in Asia Pacific and worldwide. Building nations through strategic partnerships, constructing solutions to give values that are beneficial across all sectors. Together we harbour a big ambition for the future of the satellite industry through more remarkable collaborations with the APSCC members in this powerful global network.

30th Anniversary Congratulatory Message by

Nile Suwansiri, CEO, Thaicom


I would like to congratulate APSCC on its 30th anniversary. APSCC has played a vital role in driving the satellite industry in the region since its inception and have helped shape this dynamic industry and become a collective voice for the region. More than ever, APSCC will play an even more important role as we navigate through the uncertainties and yet another transformation coming our way from new disruptive technologies, changing business models and geopolitical tensions. It is now even more important that the APSCC members work together to forge new partnerships models to be able to compete with the global players and create a sustainable business in the long term. For me, APSCC has been successful in bringing in all the players in the Asia Pacific region, creating friendships and thus creating trust. This becomes a strong foundation to create synergies and partnerships for our future.

Cheers and congratulations once again!