APSCC publications offer an effective and economical way to get your message to readers in the satellite/space related industries.

Why the APSCC Quarterly Newsletter?
Advertising in the APSCC Quarterly Newsletter is a cost-effective way to reach your potential clients and business partners.

Reach the right people
The APSCC Quarterly Newsletter can bring your company to the attention of key personnel in the satellite and space technologies, telecommunications and broadcasting industries. Over 3,000 companies and organizations receive copies of the APSCC Quarterly Newsletter.

Save your budget
APSCC is not a commercial publisher, hence we offer low advertising rates. Compare our rates to those at other publications and you will agree that they represent true value.

Make a longer-lasting impact
Since the APSCC Quarterly Newsletter is published only four times a year, each issue has a longer life. The APSCC Quarterly Newsletter is kept by our readers for a longer period of time than monthly publications.

Advertising Rates (4-color Advertisement)




Inside back cover full page

US$ 1,900

US$ 2,750

Inside front cover full page

US$ 1,900

US$ 2,750

Inside full page

US$ 1,300

US$ 1,800

Inside half page

US$ 800

US$ 1,100

Inside quarter page

US$ 500

US$ 750

- Advertisers who reserve one full year (four advertisements) will be given a 20% discount from the regular rate.
Ad Dimensions




Live Area

Full page

220 x 305

210 x 295

194 x 279

1/2 page horizontal

220 x 157.5

210 x 147.5

194 x 137.5

1/4 page horizontal

115 x 157.5

105 x 147.5

95 x 137.5
- All dimensions are listed as width by depth in millimeters.
- The reproduction of your ad may be inaccurate if files do not meet our specifications and APSCC will not accept responsibility.
File Formats: EPS, JPG or PDF Resolution: 300 dpi minimum
- Include all fonts when creating the final file.
If you use non-Adobe Fonts, please create an outline EPS of text.
- Photos should be in
CMYK format not RGB.
- Please provide a digital proof in JPG format.
(Separations plus progressive or cromalin proofs do not need to be provided unless exact color matching is required.)

For all advertising enquiries, please contact:

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Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, 463-862
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