APSCC aims to exchange views and ideas on technologies, systems, policies of satellite and space related industries. Therefore, APSCC produces three publications and an official website with a worldwide readership of members and others. The website includes comprehensive, up-to-date information about APSCC and its members as well as industry news. The publications consist of the print Quarterly Newsletter, monthly e-Newsletter, and the annual reference guide, the APSCC Yearbook. They include reference information, member information, research, expert advice, analyses and news to help readers prepare for new opportunities and share valuable experience and knowledge.

Information on the satellite industry related to technologies, services, regulations, manufacturing and operations in both the Asia-Pacific and the world are collected, catalogued and made available to all APSCC members, professionals and a wide range of readers involved in the satellite business.

The Quarterly Newsletter is published in March, June, September and December and distributed by post to satellite executives worldwide. The publication consists of in-depth articles about trends and developments in the industry as well as other information about recent APSCC activities and news briefs. Contributions for articles are drawn from experts and prominent members of the satellite and space community. Every issue also features an interview with a prominent executive in the satellite industry.

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The APSCC Monthly e-Newsletter is distributed free of charge by email. It is read every month by subscribers around the world. The e-Newsletter consists of news briefs about the satellite business, broadcasting, launch and space news, executive moves as well as information on the latest developments in APSCC.

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APSCC produces the APSCC Yearbook once in every two years. As an informative reference book, it is a guide for all members of the satellite, space, and broadcast-related industries. The Yearbook contains information on APSCC's organization, events, services and a complete listing of APSCC members with a contact information and description of each member. It also features the Satellite/Space Industry Index, which compiles contact information for all the satellite/space related entities worldwide. This fast-find index is divided into several categories: satellite operators, satellite manufacturers, launch service

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